fredag 8 juni 2018

Meeting #13

Thanks to all flute players who showed up att the Wooden Flute meeting! This event was dedicated to fundamental playing techniques but we also learned a few tunes – two sjøfløjt-tunes from Norway and a Danish 6/8-tune.

torsdag 28 september 2017

Videos from meeting nr. 11

New tunes from last nights flute gathering! 

Jon Antonsson: Friggebodens nr.1 

Troels Vanghøj: Schottis efter Mats Edén

Andreas Ralsgård: Vals efter Michael Spangfort

tisdag 26 september 2017

Flute Symposiums autumn 2017

26th September – Malmö Academy of Music 18:30
22nd October – Södervidinge Kyrka (Worskshop 12:00 and Concert 18:00)
6th December – Malmö Academy of Music 18:30

måndag 24 oktober 2016

The yearly "Bruun-concert" 2016

Thanks to everyone who turned up yesterday at the second Bruun-concert in the church in Särslöv.

måndag 26 september 2016

Traversträff #8

The eight meeting was held 26th of september 2016. The group worked on repertoire and prepared for the concert coming month.

söndag 1 maj 2016

Traversträff #7

The nest wooden flute meeting will have Scottish flute music as its theme. Lecturer/Teacher will be David Adam, flute player from Scotland living in Sweden since several years.

torsdag 14 januari 2016

Traversträff #6

The sixths wooden flute meeting was dedicated to Danish flute music. Mette Qvist-Jensen, Thea Valgren and Mads Kjøller-Henningsen shared their deep knowledge about the music and thought us alla some great tunes. You can find recordings of the tunes under "videos".